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Help needed- let’s change the Google results for ‘gay Muslims’


At the moment, when searching for ‘gay Muslims’ on Google, the anti-gay website ‘’ is top of the search results. For a Muslim struggling with accepting their sexuality, coming across this website when searching the internet could be disastrous.

I want us to get the search result for ‘Imaan’ (a UK based LGBTQ Muslim support group) to the top of the list if we can.

To help, please do the following:

  • search for ‘gay Muslims’ on Google
  • Click on the result for ‘Imaan London’ ( which is about 7 results down the list.
  • Ask your friends to do the same

Hopefully, this ‘googlebombing’ technique will raise the search result for ‘Imaan’ to get to the top of the list and hopefully help LGBTQ Muslims looking for support.

(via dyingmangos)

o hai thar

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