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WPATH announces new standards of care for transgender and gender nonconforming people

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Some key revisions:

• Psychotherapy is no longer a requirement to receive hormones and surgery, although it is suggested.

"It used to be a minimum amount of psychotherapy was needed. An assessment is still required but that can be done by the prescribing hormone provider," Bockting explained.

• A number of community health centers in the U.S. have developed protocols for providing hormone therapy based an approach known as the Informed Consent Model. These protocols are consistent with version 7 revisions of WPATH’s standards of care. 

"The SOC are flexible clinical guidelines; they allow for tailoring of interventions to the needs of the individual receiving services and for tailoring of protocols to the approach and setting in which these services are provided," Coleman explained.

"Access is more open and acknowledges transgender care is being provided in community health centers. This certainly makes it easier to access hormones," Bockting added.

• There are now different standards for surgery, as well. For example, a transgender man who wants a hysterectomy no longer has to live one year as a male in order to receive the surgery. Likewise, a transgender woman who wants her testicles removed does not have to live one year as a female. 

For people who want genital reconstructive surgery, however, the standards of care recommend living a year in the role of the gender they are transitioning. 

• Another major change, Bockting explained, is that the standards “allow for a broader spectrum of identities – they are no longer so binary.”

"There is no one way of being transgender and it doesn’t have to mirror the idea of a change of their sex," Bockting explained.

"These standards allow for a gender queer person to have breasts removed without ever taking hormones," he said.


… Now if only CAMH wasn’t my only hope for OHIP coverage.



I just wrote a whole ranty post about asexuals and using the word “queer” but then my internet decided to fuck with me and refreshed and I lost everything

summary of argument:

  • denying aces access to the community [I guess I can’t call it “queer community” if we aren’t allowed to be queer] on the basis that we have different experiences is shitty because otherwise it would just be the LGB community with no trans* people or intersex people or polyamorous people [etc].
  • usually sexual queers who make the “asexuals can’t be queer/aren’t oppressed” argument generally ignore the existence of any asexuals except hetero-romantic aces, who obviously benefit from straight privilege. [sarcasm]
  • denying aces the ability to use the word “queer” is also kinda shitty. sexual queers can’t know aces’ experiences, whether the word “queer” has been used against them, and if only people who have been called “queer” maliciously can reclaim the word then that excludes the transgender community [at least in my experience, “queer” isn’t a trans-specific slur; correct me if I’m wrong] so it’s all around a complex/problematic argument.

@ “denying aces access to the community [I guess I can’t call it “queer community” if we aren’t allowed to be queer] on the basis that we have different experiences is shitty because otherwise it would just be the LGB community with no trans* people or intersex people or polyamorous people [etc].”

Actually, much of the LGBT community only acknowledges the LG part as it is. Bis are “indecisive sluts” trans* are “eww gross!” Pans “don’t exist because “there are only two genders” and of course, aces “can’t exist” because “everyone wants sex”. Therefore we (anyone who isn’t LG) must be either lying or mentally/physically ill.

… God, it’s ridiculous.

Let’s talk a bit about the loo…


There’s been a bit on tumblr about transgender individuals and public restrooms, specifically, outrage over schools, restaurants, and other institutions having transgenders go to the bathroom of their appropriate sex. But, you know what?, I have to agree with the building managers on this one. Let me elaborate.

Public restrooms are not divided by gender. They are divided by sex. If you are a post-op transsexual, who was born a woman but now have a penis, you should go to the male bathroom. But if you were born a woman, regardless of identity, and still have your vagina, you should go to the female bathroom. These aren’t distinctions made for identity, they are made because of your genitals. It’s a fucking toilet.

Of course, this would all be solved if we didn’t separate public restrooms by sex at all - which I am totally for - but with the current system in place, I cannot agree with the LGBT community on this.

A person should not have to feel like their life is in danger every time they go to use the can. If a trans person enters the restroom of the sex they’re not presenting as, (a trans woman presenting as female entering the men’s room, or a trans man presenting as male entering the women’s room) they are essentially being forced to tell complete strangers that they are trans*, and there’s a pretty good chance that they will be harassed and/or assaulted simply for that fact.

Transsexuals are required to live full time for about a year before they can be approved for SRS. That means going out in public, to work, etc, dressed appropriately for their gender, not their sex. So it’s not like we can just not go out dressed up to avoid the washroom issue entirely.

Just what do you propose we do in the mean time to avoid harassment?

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