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Trails End Farmers Market: Stop Discriminating Against Transgender People


“On September 10th, 2011 three transgender individuals were running a booth at the Trails End Farmers Market in London, Ontario, Canada. These individuals were working for another non-LGBT business owner selling incense and candles. Business was running smoothly throughout the busy day. Later that evening the owner of the booth received a call from the manager at the farmers market telling her that she needed to remove the transgender individuals from her booth or she could take her booth elsewhere. Their justification was that this was a family-friendly business and they didn’t want that sort of ‘population’ in their establishment and that they made people uncomfortable (the manager did not provide proof of these claims when asked repeatedly). Sign this petition to tell the Trails End Farmers Market that we live in a diverse society and that it is discriminatory to forbid certain individuals from running booths in their establishment. Transgender individuals are not ‘unfamily-friendly’ and they were merely selling candles. Feel free to also give them a call or send them mail and tell them you disagree with their practices!

4370 Dundas St. East

London, Ontario


(519) 268-3840”

Sign the petition here.

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