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Well lookie what we got here; a brother of mine :V


Well lookie what we got here; a brother of mine :V

Sluuuuuuuuuugs~! :D

So many slugs~!

Slugging about, all over mom’s beans~!

I have discovered hummus.

It tastes like cream cheese or tuna salad :9


When I was in the shower, I felt my back “click” and suddenly PAIN.

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Dammit, I’m all caught up D:<

Now I gotta wait for the next ep :( first world problems :V

I’mma go bed now…

… anyone wanna throw animoo suggestions at me? :D


acodanies said:
it’s ongoing, yes
… I don’t know whether to be :D or D: … ‘cause that means I’ll have to wait between eps once I get to 14…
Guess Imma hafta find moar animoo to watch…

Started watching Attack on Titan yesterday…

Needed something to keep me awake through the day after having been up all night, and I figured it was as good a time as any. I got to ep 5 or 6 before allowing sleep to consume me.

It’s got everything that freaks me out - giants, cannibalism (?), and the whole being skinless thing - yet I feel compelled to watch more 8|

Uhh… is this show currently ongoing? The site I’m watching it on has 14 eps…

My breakfast this morning:

Coffee and a microwaved bagel with cheese and crushed lime Tostitos on top :U

I’m looking for a thing.

I don’t know what it’s called, so I don’t know how to find it. But I had a few of them when I was little…

It’s like… sand and water trapped between two layers of glass. And you turn it up-side-down, and the sand slowly falls, and it sort of creates a random abstract image from the different colours of sand.

Also, they were prone to leaking.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Or am I just crazy and this thing never actually existed?

Maybe I dreamt it up…

Simple math

Strawberries + Orange slices + Banana slices + Yogurt + Granola = Delicious.


OHIP extends trans surgery coverage to worldwide


Ah, CAMH. Not the old dinosaur we thought we knew. At their urging, Ontario is now funding trans surgeries with any surgeon in the world. The old policy was limited to Canada, unless you could make a special case for why you wanted to go elsewhere. 

Some technicalities to note:

-Only Dr. Brassard’s clinic in Montreal will fund the full top surgery. If you go anywhere else only the mastectomy part is covered, and you pay for the chest contouring (including all nipple treatments).

-Hysterectomy must be done in Ontario.

-The surgeon needs to be willing to work with Ministry reimbursement. If they’re overseas or have never worked with CAMH before, it could take longer.

-Some surgeons are off the table due to high complication rates. Dr. Brown mentioned Serbia, though I’m not sure if she meant Dr. Djinovic, Dr. Djordjevic, or both.

Read the full update and follow ongoing policy changes on the CAMH website.

At two weeks post-op I’ve still yet to make an updated about my top surgery. All is well, but I want to wait before writing about it, for hindsight.

Reblogging for personal reference

Testing my theme out…

There’s still a few bugs to work out.

This is the end of a very busy week…

Had places to be every day ‘cept Monday. Tomorrow, I finally get to go back to being a lazy bag of garbage :V

(readmore’d because an eventful week for me is like watching paint dry.)

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Wasn’t too bad…

There was this part at the beginning where we were supposed to pair off into twos, get to know each other, then introduce our partner to the group… and I felt horrible because I couldn’t speak; it was just like being back at school, except these people were great and I really wish I could have participated more…

It was really nice to actually meet other trans* people though.

o hai thar

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