Today stuff

Went for that second appointment at CAMH. Not much to say about it; it was mostly more history/goals and such. Said they’d be sending my doctor some sort of letter in about 8 weeks, after they had a chance to discuss my case.

Also, went to the library and renewed my card. My brother’s been interested in drawing lately, so we went to the art section, and I found him a book on perspective. He opened it up, became mesmerised, and took it out.

I put some knot books on hold. Not sure if they’ll have anything I don’t know/can’t find on the internet; I’ve found loads of “DIY” sites in Chinese, which I can’t read a word of, but they’re mostly step-by-step image instructions anyway.

… Speaking of which, I still gotta get photos of the ones I did.

o hai thar

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